Welcome Monthly Mischief!!!!


Are you ready for something new and exciting?!?!? We have a new monthly feature called, Monthly Mischief. Monthly Mischief is a collection of smaller size element and paper packs all designed to work together based on a color story and theme. You can mix and match to make your perfect kit or go to town and grab them all. Monthly Mischief also offers our first ever Designer Mash-up Collection. The Designer Mash-up Collection offers a sampling from half of our designers (we will be rotating monthly) that goes with this entire collection as well. The Mash-up is a great value too! Once you have picked up your kits, head on over to the forum and join this month’s Monthly Mischief Challenge for your chance to win next month’s Designer Monthly Mischief Mash-up Collection kit.




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The Cirky Crew is our official CT for the Monthly Mischief. They have taked all the kits, mashed them together and have come up with some amazing art!!!